From a simple rock chip repair, to a complex windshield replacement; build a bid that reflects the value of your service. Our templates guide your customer, so you get all the info you need, including pictures and videos.

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Our journey templates ensure you'll get anything and everything you need to know before you head to the job. How many windows? Interior or exterior? Bring a ladder? Be prepared for any job, and send a quote that can be accepted before you spend time and money driving to the property.

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Pre-load any template you need for a quick, easy bid. Whether it's laying sod, installing a sprinkler system, building a walkway, designing a flower bed, etc. Plus, our area measurement tool gives you the dimensions of any project, so you're never caught off guard. 

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Give your customers the best experience possible. Present your services in a way that makes it easy for them to tell you exactly what they need. Interior or exterior? How many rooms? Dimensions? Get everything you need through pictures and videos,  and build a bid that reflects the value of your service. 

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Take the guesswork out of every repair or installation job as you get photos, videos, and answers to detailed prompts of exactly what your customer's needs are. Plus, keep every part number and labor cost at the ready for the ability to send an accurate estimate in minutes!

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Build the best Pest Control bids in the business! Customize the services offered in the widget to be as specific as you want. Use the area measurement tool to determine how much ground you'll be spraying.

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Whether it's a glass store-front, or a broken home window, BidClips lets you gather everything needed to send an accurate quote, communicate with the customer, and receive down payment. Upgrade your bidding process, and win more jobs.

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Any bid for any project. We have you covered with customizable templates, customer messaging, and guided quote building. Build the best bids and get paid, no matter the job.

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Trusted by shops throughout the Home Services Industry!

Let BidClips enhance the most important part of your business - the customer experience. 

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Close More With Automated Follow Ups

Email and text follow ups ensure your customers don't slip through the cracks.  


Keep Communication in One Place

Customer messaging within every service request. Stay organized with communication to ensure every customer receives the best service you can offer. 


Manage the Entire Sales Process

Use the BidClips Dashboard to keep track of sales, closing ratios, and the performance of your team.


One Team (WFH)

BidClips allows you to connect your team and your customers in a cloud based system. Running a business from home has never been easier!



Decrease cancellations by locking in customers sooner and with down payments. Booking jobs sooner means more jobs per year.


Customer Connection

No more missing customers because you're closed. Let your customer connect and pay you when it fits their schedule with our widget quote system.

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Follow Ups

Cut down that "stack of quotes" on your desk, with BidClips automated follow up system. Text and email reminders will remind your leads that you are ready to serve them.

Customer Review of BidClips

"This platform puts the customer in charge without pressure until they are ready & frees up our team to focus on being most productive for all clients and prospects..."

Customer Review of BidClips

"BidClips has enabled our associates to engage with our customers in ways we could never imagine 18 months ago. This engagement has resulted in a significant increase in customers and revenue..."

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