BidClips is a cloud-based customer and sales management platform made for you.

iStock-1170743458From the office to the home, you can manage your shop, quotes, and customers.  Heck, you could even make sales from a yacht in the Caribbean if you wanted. Anything is possible with BidClips.

Bro get paid! No, seriously you should let yourself get paid. Don't miss a payment because your customers called back after you closed. Every BidClips quote includes a way for your customer to upload full or down payments. Come to work on Monday with money in the bank!

"Let me talk to my spouse then give you a call back".... Yeah Right!

Everyone's busy, and no one has time to call back. Let BidClips send AND Follow up with your quotes so you don't have to.

Let your quotes upsell for you! Every quote includes your own custom add-ons. Your customer will be able to choose add-ons and thus have higher dollar tickets.

BidClips users see increases of up to 20% in bookings. Not only that, but customers are booking on average a day sooner due to follow-ups. Basically, BidClips can help you book more and faster, so you can close more and work less.

Tired of sending quotes in the same old emails and hoping that customers call back to book? So are we. That's why we help you create interactive and engaging quotes that catch your customer's attention - rather than put them to sleep. Have your quotes stand out from your competitors. 

Gather all your customer messaging in one place. No more searching your inboxes for emails with pictures that you may or may not have received. All customer communication is attached to their job. One place for everything.

Make it easy for your customers to tell you what they need. They can start a new service right there in the widget on your site. Collect project dimensions and details at all hours of the day and night. Use our forms or create your own, to gather the exact info you need to quote your customers.

We're making it easier than ever to book jobs!

Let BidClips enhance the most important part of your business - the customer experience. 

From "Quoted" to Closed

Turn those leads into jobs sold. Give everyone an upgraded experience, and watch your sales grow!


One Team (WFH)

BidClips allows you to connect your team and your customers in a cloud based system. Running a pest control business from home has never been easier!



Decrease cancellations by locking in customers sooner and with downpayments. Booking jobs sooner means more jobs per year.


Customer Connection

No more missing customers because you're closed. Let your customer connect and pay you when it fits their schedule with our widget quote system.

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Follow Ups

Cut down that "stack of quotes" on your desk, with BidClips automated follow up system. Text and email reminders will remind your leads that you are ready to serve them.

Customer Review of BidClips

"This platform puts the customer in charge without pressure until they are ready & frees up our team to focus on being most productive for all clients and prospects..."

Customer Review of BidClips

"BidClips has enabled our associates to engage with our customers in ways we could never imagine 18 months ago. This engagement has resulted in a significant increase in customers and revenue..."

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